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Clinical Rotations In CT
Duration- Two Weeks / Four Weeks


CT department is equipped with a Philips Ingenuity CT128 slice and CT scanner with iterative reconstruction

Clinical Education
  • Non contrast & contrast enhanced imaging of various body parts

  • Dual phase CT angiography for respectability of GI cancers

  • Triple phase CT for liver imaging and for Liver transplant patients, including donor assessment

  • 3D reconstruction of face and for bone and soft tissue assessment HRCT temporal bone

  • Dentascan

  • Cardiac CT & coronary angiography

  • CT enterography

  • CT cisternography

  • CT urography

  • CT guided fnac and drainage

  • Sterotactic localization.

  • Brain Perfusion study

  • Angiography pulmonary, renal, brain, neck.

  • CT Myelography

  • Virtual colonoscopy/bronchoscopy

Roles And Responsibilities
  • Trainee will see patients in clinic with the staff and formulate a treatment plan.

  • Trainee will assist the attending staff in various cases

  • Trainee will attend Daily case discussions

  • Trainee will attend Monthly Clinico radiological meet, The CT department is equipped with a collection of library books and has subscription of highly reputed international and national journals.

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