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Clinical Rotations In Interventional Radiology

Fellows may or may not see all types of surgeries (Depends on case availability)

Duration- Two Weeks / Four Weeks


The IR department is involved in ultrasound and CT guided percutaneous procedures and fluoroscopy guided vascular and non- vascular interventions in cath lab.

Clinical Education
  • hepato-biliary interventions such as PTBD, TIPS, BRTO, TACE, TARE as well as management of post hepatic tansplant complications

  • vascular interventions (management of GI, Renal bleeds, bronchial artery embolization, PAE, UAE, vascular stenting, angioplasty, thrombectomy), placement of PICC line, permacath, cental lines

  • Microwave Ablation,

  • RFA of tumors (hepatic, renal, lung)

  • USG and CT guided percutaneous interventions such as biopsy, FNAC, aspiration, PCD/ICD placement

Roles And Responsibilities
  • Trainee will see patients in clinic with the staff and formulate a treatment plan.•

  • Trainee will assist the attending staff in various surgeries

  • Trainee will attend the academics and research activities of the department

  • The academic sessions take place twice every week from 9 am to 10 am on Monday and Friday with one day allotted to seminar on a specific topic and another day for article discussion. The discussion regarding the progress in research work going on in the department takes place on every Thursday.

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