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Clinical Rotations In MRI

Fellows may or may not see all types of surgeries (Depends on case availability)

Duration- Two Weeks / Four Weeks


The Department is equipped with a 3 Tesla Siemens Verio machine . This machine is equipped with phase array coil, CP array coil, body coil, CP array MRCP coil, small flex coil, large flex coil and dedicated breast coil. All kinds of routine and specialised MRI investigations are performed including Routine Brain, Spine and MRCP studies

Clinical Education
  • Cardiac MRI

  • Spectroscopy

  • Perfusion Imaging

  • Iron Quantification study

  • Angiographies

  • Functional MRI

  • Tractography

  • Cisternography

  • CSF Flow studies

  • Fetal MRI

Roles And Responsibilities
  • Trainee will see patients in clinic with the staff and formulate a treatment plan.

  • Trainee will assist the attending staff in various cases.

  • Trainee will attend Radiological MRI meets held once every three weeks to discuss cases amongst the faculties as well as Doctors

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