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Clinical Rotations In Spine Surgery
•  Fellows may or may not see all types of surgeries (Depends on case 
Duration- Two Weeks / One Month


Clinevo Medvidya and Spine Clinic( Mumbai institute of spine surgery) fellowship program is dedicated to the education of Spine Surgery

Clinical Education
  • Minimal invasive spine surgery

  • MIS-TLIF for various indications

  • Cervical spine surgeries including microdiscectomy and micro endoscopic decompression

  • Laminectomy

  • Spinal instrumentation

  • Spinal biopsy

  • Spinal deformity surgery (scoliosis and kyphosis) correction

  • Lumbar spine surgery

  • Artificial disc replacement

  • Revision Spinal Surgery

Responsibilities Of A Fellow
  • Fellows will see patients in clinic with the staff and formulate a treatment plan.

  • Fellows will assist the attending staff in surgery at various hospitals.

  • Fellows will participate in fellow teaching conferences

  • Hands on training on lumbar and and cervical saw bone models

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