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Short Duration Training Courses

  • Fellows may or may not see all types of surgeries (Depends on case availability)

Duration- Fifteen Days / One Month


Clinical Education

This course is structured to train ophthalmologists in SICS surgery for the treatment of adult cataracts

  • Acute and chronic dacryocystitis

  • Ectropion

  • Entropion

  • Ptosis

  • Lid retraction

  • Lid tumours benign and malignant

  • Lid tear

  • Canalicular tear

  • Orbital tumours benign and malignant

  • Orbital floor fracture

  • Thyroid orbitopathy

  • Contracted socket

  • Evisceration

  • Enucleation

  • Exenteration

  • Prosthetic eye

  • Buccal mucous membrane grafting

  • Dermis fat grafting

  • Eligibility- M.S/DOMS/DNB/MD

  • Trainee will be Allowed to assist in the surgeries.

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